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Online letting agents vs. High Street agents

High Street vs online

The presence of online services is on the rise with virtual letting agents approaching tenants seeking homes promising to save them forking out for commissions that High Street agents charge. Despite the fact they offer very basic packages run via call centres and websites, these letting agents are becoming increasingly popular and the first choice for tenants. 

Here, we will present you with some comparisons between the two routes to renting, so after reading this you can make your own mind up about the benefits of an online only estate agent verse a High Street letting agent.

Local knowledge

Unlike their online competitors, traditional local letting agents like Phoenix are more likely to be more established with extensive knowledge to the areas they offer their services, making them more accomplished to any other online agents.

Whilst online letting agents may visit your property to complete the valuation, they may not be familiar with the area and local market. Local independent letting agents will have all this information, including knowledge of local amenities and market values of the area.

Face to face personal service

Very rarely online letting service providers have high street offices/shops you can walk into and sit down and speak to a person face to face. Although you will be assigned an account manager, it is doubtful you will ever meet them.

If you do choose to use an online service, it will be your responsibility to conduct all viewings, this can prove very difficult if you don't live near your rental property. At Phoenix we will take care of it all.

Charges and fees

Advertising through a high street agent is reflective of the cost of a high street office and other overheads. Typically, the agent will charge both the landlord and tenant fees, only if they find you a suitable tenant. But if you choose an online letting agent, you will have to pay fees regardless of whether you successfully secure a tenant/tenants or not.

So, if you are prepared to do most of the work. Taking professional photographs of the property, arranging and meeting prospective tenants and paying upfront, perhaps the obvious choice is selecting an online agent.

Or, if you would like to make a couple of simple phone calls and let Phoenix take out all the stress and hassle for you. Contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents who will get you the perfect tenant in no time.