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Preparing your property for winter

Useful advice from your independent letting agent in Derby

Now the clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in, it’s time to prepare to protect your property from the winter months.

Back in 2018, freezing storms, deep lingering snow and biting high winds – dubbed the ‘Beast from the East’ caused havoc to many properties all over the UK where occupants were not prepared. Again, this year the UK experienced similar extreme weather conditions due to a sudden bend in the jet stream.

As the Met Office has forecast more of these conditions each year, it is imperative to start steps into protecting your home.

Phoenix Lettings Agents, the only independent letting agent in Derbyshire have some advice to avoid damage to your property.

Frost threats

Frost is most prevalent over these upcoming months threatening damage to water pipes in and outside the home. As water expands as it freezes, this can burst water pipes. Damage often appears when there is a thaw and water leaks out. To prevent this, insulate pipes located in the loft and your water tanks. Wrap pipes in lagging – a foam material that insulates and reinforces them. Its ideal to repeat this process on pipes that enter your property that are exposed to the harsh temperatures. Also, ensure your gutters are free from debris and leaves.

Heating the home

Keep your heating on in your home. Even if you are out for most part of the day or are spending the Christmas holidays away. Don't turn off the heat. You might not be at home to enjoy the warmth of your thermostat but turning down the heat could leave your pipes vulnerable to freezing and bursting.

Roof protection

Last but not least, it is imperative to check and maintain your property’s roof. We would not advise that you get your ladder out and check it yourself, but simply go into the loft to check for cracks, holes and missing roof tiles. If you find any, call a professional and get it fixed. If your property has tall trees with branches overhanging your roof, these will need to be trimmed to.

Happy holidays

Phoenix Lettings' aim is to provide a traditional, personal service but with a modern approach. Our staff have over 15 years’ experience in the lettings industry and we are currently one of the few remaining independent residential letting agents in Derby who specialise entirely in residential lettings and property management. Our aim is to provide you with honest advice that continues throughout your time with Phoenix Lettings.

Happy Christmas from Phoenix